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Has your home or business been presented to (or do you trust it has been presented to) COVID-19? Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup is a Coronavirus cleaning company that works 100% only with biohazard cleanup and taking care of dangerous materials, conditions, and infections. We have been performing bio-cleans for more than 16 years. Our group of specialists is here to help, and we’re simply a call away.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Cleanup Company

If your property has been presented to the lethal COVID-19 infection, at that point, you basically can’t hazard the lives of your representatives or recruiting a standard housekeeper cleanup company. An exceptionally prepared biohazard cleanup company should perform Covid cleanup.

Our group works only with biohazardous cleaning and remediation, which incorporates infections. We are 1 of just two individuals from ABRA, the American Bio-Recovery Association, in the State of Texas (if applicable. (if applicable only)We are the solitary biohazard remediation company in the state to hold the agreement through TCEQ (Texas Commission On Environmental Quality) for Infectious Disease Outbreak and Disposal of Hazardous Waste.

The Best In COVID-19 Remediation

Employing a rug cleaner or shape company won’t give you the disinfecting clinical tidiness we have to bring to the table. We’ve been giving medical clinic grade deep cleaning and bio clear for almost twenty years. Here is a portion of the reasons that settle on us the lone decision for COVID-19 Remediation:

  • 100% solely Biohazard Remediation and Cleaning Company 
  • We have been performing bio-cleans. 
  • Photograph report and remediation measure video accessible with earlier solicitation 
  • We are 1 of just two individuals from ABRA in the State of Texas (American Bio-Recovery Association) – Member #10129 

(If applicable)We are the only biohazard remediation company in the state to hold the agreement through TCEQ (Texas Commission On Environmental Quality) for Infectious Disease Outbreak and Disposal of Hazardous Waste. This incorporates Ebola and Coronavirus.


Reach Us! Our crime scene cleanup family here at Dallas Crime Scene Clean Up is accessible as needs be and accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days every week.

Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup Family

BioTech's Coronavirus Cleaning Services Plans:

General Health is our need, and we stick to CDC Recommendations for Treatments of Viruses, Bacteria, Illnesses, and Diseases. There are a few factors to figure out which service best suits you just as the sort of office you have, yet here is a broad gauge for your COVID-19 requirements:

(Service plan name subject to change)

  • Orange Tier: Reactive Coronavirus Disinfectant Service
  • Red Tier: Confirmed Case Coronavirus Eradication


Orange Tier

  • Hand Clean Disinfect to all High Touch Areas
  • UV Treatment to all High Touches Areas
  • Disinfect all areas of the house from floor, walls, and surfaces

Orange Tier is a preventative and centered Covid sterilizing plan. It is because of a speculated case, however, not an affirmed instance of COVID-19 Coronavirus. This arrangement is best after an individual associated with being contaminated with COVID-19 was inside the structure. It is a point by point, intense 10-ft down cleansing which incorporates profound cleaning and sterilization.

Red Tier

  • Disinfect all surface area 
  • Hand clean & Disinfect all High touch area
  • UVC Treatment

Red Tier is a quick, forceful, Covid annihilation plan. It is because of an affirmed instance of COVID-19 inside at least one of the structures. This cycle is prompt, and we will modify a strategy explicit to you and your business.

Additional Services

***We do offer a Usage OF DISINFECTANT Just assistance 

– 10 ft down; dividers, floors, and all surfaces 

***To fit the bill for this service, and you need to meet every one of the three qualifiers: 

  1. Your office has had all high touch territories cleaned as of late (a week ago) 
  2. You can assign any “NO Splash” territories preceding the beginning 
  3. Every single free paper and additionally light things should be taken care of or weighted down

Coronavirus Remediation By Trained Technicians

We Do Not Sub-Contract. Our Techs handle all Cleaning, Removal, & Disposal.

Both Tiers of Action include the following:

  • Disposal and removal of biohazard squander 
  • Usage of PPE (Individual Assurance Hardware) by all experts 
  • Usage of EPA-registered chemical compounds explicitly for the cleansing of viruses including Coronavirus 
  • The exact process of cleaning and disinfection
  • 10 Ft down electric splash sterilization; dividers, floors, and all surfaces

The Red Tiers Plan includes:

  • Ultraviolet (UV-C) light disinfection Service
  • 2nd – 10 Ft down spray disinfection; walls, floors, and all surfaces

The CDC’s COVID 19 Clean-Up Guidelines

We have presented an extra Coronavirus tidy up option in contrast to our full Coronavirus service that might be more practical for your company. We currently offer a “no-contact” full-inclusion use of a disinfectant. The CDC cycle because of Coronavirus is to 

  1.  Clean all surfaces that are to be dealt with and afterward
  2. Apply EPA-enlisted disinfectant per producer’s rules and expert name.

Our new elective help deals with the second piece of the CDC cycle alone. There are explicit conditions considering this is a “no-contact” service.

The conditions are:

  • You can assign any “NO Shower” regions before beginning. 
  • All free, lightweight things should be made sure about or set aside. 
  • Advantages to “no-contact” service: 
  • Moderate estimating. 
  • Little business interference (2 man group can finish around 10,000 SF in 90 min). 
  • Laborers can reemerge treated zones within 45 min. 
  • Quicker, more effective application measure. 
  • Indeed, even dispersion by EPA endorsed electric atomizing splash application guarantees appropriate inclusion.

Electrostatic Sprayer/Fogger Disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection sprayers use electrically charged tips on the finish of the sprayers to add a positive charge to beads that, in a real sense, search out and wrap microorganisms, infections, and germ-plagued territories in a contrarily charged world. 

The power of electrostatic fascination is reliable to the point that the beads can, and will, invert bearings and move upwards, against gravity, to cover concealed surfaces. In general, electrostatic beads will repulse one another and not cover, which accommodates uniform scattering and, for all intents and purposes, 100% inclusion of the region that is being showered way, being quite possibly the best cycles to treat a region influenced by Coronavirus.

Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup Family

UV Light Disinfection

Notwithstanding the chemical approach of using water to disinfect a room or building, we likewise use UV light to kill airborne germs or that can get airborne while cleaning. We use similar equipment used by clinics to viably aim microorganisms to turn out to be inactive, nonthreatening, and cleaning infections, and microbes from replicating and tainting. 

Scientific studies have reliably indicated a full measure of UV light and adequate battles against a comprehensive exhibit of microbes and infections, such as Coronavirus. UV light’s disinfection impacts have been discovered to be up to 99.9% successful against inconspicuous microscopic organisms, infections, and even protozoa.

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