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Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup is a forensic cleaning company in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. We are OSHA and HAZCOM certified, and we help eliminate potential health risks by providing clean up, removal, and disposal of hazardous materials that may put lives at risk. Get in touch with us anytime–every minute of every day!

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As crime scene cleaners for as long as 18 years, we’ve seen pretty much everything. We’ve built up a caring way to deal with our clean up service that leaves our clients calmed and settled through upset occasions. Our various Bio Hazard Certifications mean we can effectively clean up and restore to ordinary any crime scene. Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup has been an individual from the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA) for as far back as six years. This affiliation is incredibly hard to concede to because they broaden historical verifications and hold high moral norms. What indeed carries individuals to us is how to deal with clients like we would need to be dealt with.


Reach Us! Our crime scene cleanup family here at Dallas Crime Scene Clean Up is accessible as needs be and accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days every week.

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Our Forensic Cleanup Process

Our forensic cleaning begins with assessing the territory requiring service. Our specialists show up in work trucks that don’t uncover the idea of our work. This way, we can ensure your protection. The group wears uncommonly planned safety equipment to eliminate any residue and jetsam as we work all through the territory. Utilizing application-specific EPA Registered cleaners enables us to eliminate all contaminants. We don’t want simply zero in on floors. Our exhaustive inspection uncovers all regions requiring cleaning, so we make a total showing. Our experts are trained in the best way to handle personal belongings. We will never dispose of any personal things getting your consent. On the off chance that any personal things are deemed not salvageable, we’ll disclose everything about you first. This way, you are educated all through the cleaning cycle. 

After we’ve finished cleaning and disinfecting all connected surfaces, including walls and ceilings, we do a final inspection to guarantee our work meets your total satisfaction. If necessary, we’ll make acclimations to our service. We don’t need anything not exactly to charm you and carry harmony to your life. The cycle typically finishes with our group taking care of all the charging with your insurance company. We truly deal with everything from beginning to end. 


Forensic Cleaner Dallas-Fort Worth Texas

Our area has been around for almost 20 years, and in that time, we have assisted many families with all of their crime scene cleanup requirements. We are no more unusual than playing out the most excellent cleanup you can get. Being halfway situated in Texas implies you don’t need to stand by long for us to show up, and you can even chat with us face to face. We are Texan occupants, so your locale is our locale, which implies we care profoundly about playing out the best crime scene cleanup services for you, our neighbors. 

His heart broke when asked by the mother of the perished, “who was playing out the cleanup.” Ultimately, this deplorable mother lost a kid, yet she additionally was liable for cleaning up the kid’s remaining parts abandoned. Since that day, he realized he needed to affect the lives of families who were crushed by these misfortunes. Along these lines, beginning this crime scene cleanup company was his reward method to assist them with requiring.

Forensic Cleaners Cost

Forensic cleanup service cost is to a great extent dependent on a few factors, so you won’t actually locate any set costs. In the event that you do discover a company with set costs, you might need to keep away from them as they will doubtlessly just play out a preset rundown of services that may not totally clean up a crime scene properly. The main factor is the way huge the territory is that needs cleanup. The second most significant factor is how much hazardous material requires cleanup. In view of the threats of biohazard cleanup, it requires our group to utilize specialized safety suits and use EPA Registered cleaning specialists to restore the home to a safe state. The thing to recollect is that this isn’t care for cleaning a vehicle where you would do similar accurate things to each and every vehicle you cleaned, each occupation is extraordinary. Those that charge lower costs tend to utilize mediocre items and cut corners. This puts the safety of their staff and your safety at risk. 

Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup Family

At the point when we play out your crime scene clean up, you get the best items being utilized accurately by exceptionally gifted and trained professionals who care about your family and serving you at the most significant level, time frame. Call us today!

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Our group is involved exceptionally trained biohazard professionals that have come from the police, firefighter, and EMT foundations. We see completely the thing you’re experiencing and we have the certifications to back us up. We’ve experienced the exertion and cost to prepare for and acquire these certifications to empower us to give you the best crime casualty services available. Having a “Expert Bio-Recovery Technician Certificate from ABRA implies we understand what cleaning specialists to utilize that will clean the best and how to utilize them the most productive way. This outcomes in giving you the most thorough crime scene clean up you can discover. We are honest and don’t take from the expired. We have never been blamed for burglary and do broad record verifications on the entirety of our employees. We never deal with our customers like they are simply one more caller. Sympathy drives our activities from the beginning of your first call until we complete your service. Sympathy precedes “making a benefit.” We have been told consistently that the opposition was possibly keen on them on the off chance that they had insurance inclusion. When they addressed us, they realized immediately that we center around helping them first and prior to getting some information about how we planned to get paid. Allow us to show you how great we are. Get the phone and call us today!

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